I'm Ali Faraji, a fervent Machine Learning enthusiast with a deep appreciation for open-source initiatives and a profound interest in Mathematics. My technical repertoire spans across a wide range of disciplines including Python, Pytorch, Data Visualization, Java EE, backed development and much more, showcasing my flexibility and broad spectrum of skills. Although I consider myself a jack of all trades, my true strength lies in my quick learning abilities. I thrive on diving into new challenges, unraveling the complexities of documentation and code to grasp the underlying principles of new technologies and frameworks. This agile approach to learning and adaptation fuels my continuous growth in the fast-evolving tech landscape.

Beyond my technical skills, I am deeply committed to expanding my knowledge and expertise. I hold a Computer Engineering degree from AmirKabir University of Technology and am furthering my education with a Computer Science degree from York University in Canada. My academic and professional journey has been marked by a keen focus on machine learning, deep neural networks, and data science, underpinned by a solid foundation in statistics and data visualization. Beside of my professional work, I have a passion for Mathematics, and exploring new frontiers in technology, including LLMs, Transformers, application of AI in different domains, also technologies and frameworks for application development and deployment (I like how these tools makes the life for developers easier such as Spring Boot and CI/CD pipelines). My life outside of academia and work is filled with hobbies that align with my passion for continuous learning, including developiong applications, using AI in different domains, making educational contents, and contributing to open-source projects.

Little Updates

  • 📚 I'm currently working on my thesis on "Machine Unlearning".